What we do

A bit about us. We started off doing small building work for home owners and landlords.  We then branched out into non-standard joinery to help people with their home improvements.

Richwill Home Improvements was born from this.  we realised that, whilst there are many commercial tradesmen around, Richwill is happy to work with customers to do the things that they can’t (or don’t want to) do themselves.

about window replacement

“Our business is based on long term relationships and we have quite a few customers who save up several small jobs and then we just go along and tidy things up, fixing a crack, painting a door, repairing bits of woodwork, replacing tiles – all those little jobs that make a big difference.”

Richard believes in transparency – a quote in writing with the specifications laid out in easy-to-understand language so everyone is clear about what’s what.

For anyone who isn’t into DIY or if you simply can’t do what you used to, find out more about how Richwill offers an affordable solution.


The decision to replace a rotten timber window is traumatic for some. Wishing to stay loyal to timber can be quite expensive whereas upvc provides a less green but more costly solution. The decision becomes more tense if the rotten window is non-standard and needs to be custom made as the cost is higher still. We are able to off all three options: upvc, timber and custom made timber.

Recently a client wanted an external decoration but found that two windows were completely rotten and had to be replaced. She had two new upvc windows and was thrilled with the result. The windows were beaded externally so has a similar appearance to the timber window but had the benefit of an enhanced locking system and double glazing.

During the same exercise she replaced a failed double glazed unit to another part of the house.